Do you want to earn some easy extra money each month with a cool side hustle?

Maybe you are you looking to build a simple online business that you can do from the comfort of your own home, which is incredibly easy to do, requires no outlay, that could one day replace your day job?

If so, we might have the perfect side business for you.

For many, earning money online is the dream. Being able to work from anywhere in the world generating money while travelling or while they sleep, working the hours which suit them best is the perfect lifestyle.

Today there are many ways to make money online, some require a lot of work and others can take as little as a few minutes to implement.

In this article I will tell you about a way to make money which can be very profitable and only takes a few minutes to set up. It seriously is that easy to do.

If you are a blogger I recommend that it becomes part of your process when creating and publishing blog posts. It could add a lot of money to your monthly income.

The great thing with this method is that instead of pennies you can earn pounds per sale but unlike other monetisation methods like AdSense you do not earn money on impressions. It is only on sales.

However, if someone buys more than one item even if they do not buy the item you initially promoted on your blog or across social media, you still make money. And we are talking good money here. With the average sale making roughly £5 – £6 per item.

And the great thing is that you don’t have to sell these items, they sell themselves really.

If you are a blogger all you need to do is add the products to your posts and articles just before you hit the publish button and then carry on as normal.

If you are not a blogger then you share these over social media to large audiences who are relevant to the product.

So what are these products that I am talking about here?

T-Shirts, Good Old Fashioned T-Shirts! …

…and a few other things such hoodies, leggings and mugs, but mainly T-shirts.

There are several companies that print and sell T-shirts online but for this article I am going to focus on one. is an online print on demand company based in the U.S. which specialises in T-shirts and other apparel.

They have a wonderful affiliate network and anyone can join. It is incredibly simple to open up an account and this is the best bit…  Sunfrog pay a whopping 40% of the sales price to affiliates.

All you need to do is open up an affiliate account, get your unique affiliate ID then simply share their products on social media or add their products to your website.

Adding their designs to your website is easy, it takes minutes. All you do is upload the images of the items you wish to promote, you then link to those products using the product destination URL (web address) tagging your affiliate ID at the end of the link.

Simples! As a certain meerkat would say.

It really can take five minutes or less to do. It is that simple.

The idea is to allow the T-shirts to sell themselves and by that I mean you add one or two tees that are relevant to the article or post you are about to publish or the social media group/network that you are sharing it with.

In the example below a UFO T-Shirt has been added to a post about UFOs and alien abductions.

The tee is embedded within the content of the post with a call to action and that is it. It is very straightforward.

If the T-shirts or hoodies you add to your posts are congruent with the content then you should sell one or two. You only need a few sales a month to really bulk out your earnings from your articles.

In one month we made sales commissions of just under $1000. That was a very good month. We were averaging several hundred dollars a month though from T-shirt sales which was incredible considering how little effort it took to add the tees to our articles.

That year we made $3,300 using Sunfrog and we didn’t sell anything… all we did was add T-shirts to our fun posts.

The name of the game here is RELEVANT.

Never share anything which is not relevant to the Facebook groups or networks you are a member of. UFO T-shirts go in groups which discuss UFOs and not groups discussing gardening.

It’s common sense really, you would never try and sell a vegetarian and pork sausage, they would not want to buy one so why waste your time trying. It could result in you being removed from the group and that is the last thing you want.

The same goes with blogging, items which you add to your articles have to be relevant to the content you are writing about. If you are creating a fantastic piece about labrador dogs then it would make no sense to the reader when they see a UFO tee embedded within the article.

However, if you add a labrador T-shirt to the post then yes, labrador lovers will love it and some may take a look and buy a tee earning you a commission.

In fact, they may buy several and it is even possible that none of the purchases will be related to the content of your post. We have had that happen to us loads of times.

Your affiliate link not only tracks the person from your website to Sunfrog it tracks them around their website and any purchases made at the time of that visit is assigned to you.

Regardless of whether they bought the T-shirt you were actually promoting. We have sent people to yoga tees via a yoga post only for them to buy multiple items none of which had anything to do with yoga.

Did we care?

Not at all, we made several sales all making us money from what was nothing more than a five-minute job. What people buy is down to them but what they see when they read our posts is up to us. Plain and simple.

The T-shirt you add to your posts must be relevant to the article content or the social media group you intend to promote to. I cannot stress that enough.

Focusing On Social Media Only

If you do not have a website and would prefer to run this kind of business using only social media then I suggest that you join loads of different groups and networks which discuss a lot of different topics.

Topics which Sunfrog has a bucket load of designs ideal for those audiences.

Start building your own Facebook pages and groups. They are free to make and can soon swell to thousands of members giving you a large number of potential buyers.

Word of Warning though, when it comes to social media please do not just throw in T-shirt after T-shirt. Constant promotions annoy people and will get you removed and banned from groups and networks.

People in social media groups and networks like to chat, they like to see relevant content shared so go in and post pics, videos and comments regarding those topics regularly and then throw in the odd T-shirt promotion.

Those places are meant to be light hearted and fun so keep it that way.

Facebook is not the only social media platform where you can post affiliate T-shirts. Instagram and Twitter are both free to use and you can use #hashtags to target groups of people participating in specific conversations.

Get Paid For Designing Tees

The other great thing about Sunfrog is that they have an artists network where designers can upload their artwork to Sunfrog – who print and fulfill any orders that are made through their platform – and the designer gets paid at the end of the month for any sales made.

The rate of commission is lower than that of an affiliate but if your designs are fantastic and hitting the mark they could get promoted by many affiliates meaning that you have an army of people marketing your items for you.

Imagine having several websites promoting your designs for you.

Below are a few of my designs.

When an affiliate sells any of your tees they get paid an affiliate commission and you get paid an artists commission. It’s not as good as an affiliate commision but it still money for doing a job once.

But the great thing about being a T-shirt designer is that not only do other people promote your designs they can be live online for years still pulling in commissions when you have forgotten about them.

I designed the I Love My Dachshund tee (above right) roughly three years ago and yet one was sold only this month. I personally have not promoted this T-shirt for many years.

That is not my affiliate sale either, I was only paid a designer commission so that means someone else had sold it for me. How cool is that?

That T-shirt – along with many other of my designs – is still there live on the Sunfrog website today. All I need is someone who owns a website about dogs to find my designs and share them… and I will get a few unexpected sales…and they do.

But the important thing is that you as a blogger or website owner can add T-shirts to your posts as an affiliate in 5 minutes or less and earn more than the 1 or 2 dollars a designer gets. You can earn on average $6 – $7 per sale… £5 – £6

If you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profile which you run alongside your blog or website you can always share a tee you think your followers may appreciate resulting in a few extra sales.

I am not saying that you will suddenly sell bucket loads of tees, you probably won’t, but you can and that depends on the amount of traffic you have visiting your website/in your group and how congruent the tees you add are with your post/those people.

They must match the content perfectly!

What I will say is that for the amount of time that it takes to add a T-shirt to your post it is worth doing in my humble opinion. Even if you sold only 10 over the course of a year that is extra money in your pocket.

However, I can tell you that you will sell more than that if you have a popular and active website or you are a member of many large active social media groups.

To see how easy it is to actually add a T-shirt to your posts watch the video below.

The video below shows you how to add Sunfrog T-shirts to a WordPress website.

If you want to learn how to make money, save money and generally manage your money better as well as join a growing community of fellow Smashers with the opportunity to enter competitions and challenges with prizes then join the SmarterCash forum here: (Coming Soon)

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  1. Oh this post came at the perfect time – I was JUST thinking about doing something like this (goals!). Am definitely saving and referring to this excellent resource. Thanks, John!


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