How many times do you hear people moan and go on about how they need extra money, or can afford something yet do absolutely nothing about it?

Most of the time these people are the same people who like to binge watch Netflix or play video games all day.

I’m sorry but if you think the magic money fairies are going to come knocking at your door then you are mistaken. They won’t.

In this world, you need to get off your arse and learn something and most importantly TAKE ACTION. You are responsible for your own actions, nobody else.

Good, now we have got that cleared up we can begin.

This post will show you how to make £100 in a week.

Nothing here is difficult to do, but you will need to take some action.

De-clutter and eBay

I would bet the average household has hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of stuff lying around gathering dust and never getting used, worn or played with.

Your first task is to go around your house making a list of EVERYTHING you have that you have not used, played or worn in the last 6 months. Chances are if you haven’t in that time you are not going to miss it. You are not listing items for sale yet, you are just making a list.

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Write down what the item is, the condition (new, very good, good etc will do for now) and the make or brand.

Try to at least get 30 items here – aim for more if you can. Remember to go everywhere and write down everything you can. It’s important to spend some time on this part.

Some people I am sure will find 30 items just in their wardrobe!

sell clothes on ebay

Now you have your items its time to get listing. Check against the completed listings on each item before you start selling anything – don’t be put off either if it has low or no previous sales. You are going for numbers here and volume.

The completed listings can be used as a guide price, so you don’t make a mistake putting something that is worth a lot as a 99p auction.

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Take really good quality pictures of your items, this can literally be the difference between a low and high sale.

Include as much detail as you can on with your items. With clothing include as many measurements as you can, with games include the barcode and if it’s got the manual, with toys include the condition and if all parts and pieces are present, with jewelry include the weight and different stones etc. You get the idea, be as descriptive as you can here.

I am going to be very conservative and let’s say you only make £1 profit on each item, you will highly likely make more if you do your research beforehand.

Money made: £30

Total balance: £30

Matched Betting

Head over to Team Profit and sign up for their free account. This will show you the ropes to matched betting, what it is and how you can lock in guaranteed profits from bookmaker sign up offers. Essentially what you are doing is converting the free incentive offers into real cash. It’s very straightforward once you get to grips with it.

In fact, they have a handy guide which shows you exactly how to go from £10 to £800 – you really can’t fail with this. But this will take you longer than a week so I am suggesting you only do the first three offers they suggest.

These offers are with Coral, Skybet and William Hill bookmakers. It is very possible to complete these within one week and they will earn you around £35 profit.

Money made: £35

Total balance: £65

Surveys/Doing Tasks

Survey sites are not for everyone but for some people sitting in front of the TV and completing a few questionnaires and getting paid for it is right up their street. You are not going to earn a fortune here with these though and with most sites, the surveys tend to dry up after a while. However, if you sign up to three or four new ones and dedicate one hour per evening to them it is very possible to make £20 in a week at least.

Not a great hourly rate I know but for something you can do on your laptop or tablet in front of the TV it is not too bad.

Some good sites worth exploring are:

•    Swagbucks

•    GlobalTestMarket

•    Crowdology

•    Prolific Academic

There are a whole host of surveys sites you can join. One tip though is NEVER paying to join any, these are unlikely to be legitimate.

Lets put this at a conservative £10 for the week if you really go for it.

Money made: £10

Total balance: £75

We Buy Any Books

Download the We Buy Books app on your phone. Or head over to the website here. The app comes with a barcode scanner which allows you to scan the ISBN of any book you no longer want. They will then send a printable label to you and come to collect the box of books from your house free of charge!

I am sure most people have a few unwanted books lying around, or if you are like me then you may have hundreds lying around!

sell your unwanted books

The minimum they will offer is £0.05 but some will fetch considerably more. This is so simple. Literally get a box, get your unwanted books and start scanning. Each time a green tick comes up after the scan that means they will accept it and pay you for it.

Pop it in the box and repeat until your box is full. Then print the label off, stick it on and they will collect and pay you.

Obviously, I don’t know how many books you have in your house, garage or loft space but I expect everyone to have at least £10 worth of unwanted books in their homes.

Money made: £10

Total balance: £85

Sell A Bulky Item Or Two On Facebook Groups

eBay is not the answer to sell all your stuff. Some things you may want a quicker sale and most definitely NOT a trip to the post office with it. Obviously, you can select collection only on eBay but often the smaller, more local groups can be great for getting rid of a few specific items.

Think a little bigger here.

Do you have any large items that you no longer use?

An old table and chairs, an old bike, maybe some old garden furniture?

With things like furniture, you will be amazed what people will still buy. Many people renovate property and as landlords, they often have to rent the property out as furnished.

A quick scan on my Facebook Marketplace revealed the following:

Facebook marketplace items

So that table and chairs set you no longer want in the garage will be worth a few pounds to somebody.

So – here you are going to the bulkier items.

Sofas, bed frames, large kids toys for example. You could even bundle a lot of items up and sell them as one lot.

Don’t obviously give it away but at the same time, you have to be conservative. People are unlikely to spend £150 on a second-hand table for example. Unless is gold with a marble top maybe!

You will easily be able to get another £15 here with one or two items that you no longer want. The buyer will collect and it should be a hassle free transaction.

Money made: £15

Total balance: £100

That’s it! Here are a few methods that will make you around £100 if you apply them and take action. Money doesn’t just come knocking at your door. You actually have to get up and do something for it.

None of what I outlined here is difficult, anyone can do it. You do not need a degree in finance or marketing to do these. The ones I have shown here I have deliberately picked as some of the easiest methods to make some extra cash.

So, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Yes, I love this! I find a lot of people who complain about having no money, aren’t careful with it. They go out and buy expensive handbags and crap they don’t need.

    I do need to list stuff on eBay!

    • Yes – I agree. That is why Facebook Marketplace, Guntree, Poshmark etc etc are all great places too to shift some unwanted goods! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by the blog.

  2. These are all super realistic ways to make money. I have always been interested to read something like this. Pretty good and clever examples as well.

  3. I can’t express enough how often I use eBay and the kind of stuff that I have sold. I’m a bit of a home chef and have bought many culinary items that I have never used for years and literally made hundreds of dollars on eBay for items even like cookie cutters! You can really get away with selling just about anything… Great information and I will look into some more that I’ve never heard before.

  4. I have always wanted to try the survey sites like wagbucks, but unfortunately it isn’t available in some countries. I could have saved up a li’l from that but I guess I gotta work on the other ways!! Haha. Thanks for all these tips!


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