How To Make Money Online Using Clickbank

make money with clickbank

Clickbank is the huge online marketplace that specializes in digital products in the form of software, courses, eBooks and information products.  There is literally a product for every niche.

Affiliates earn commissions by selling other people’s products and in return can earn up to 75% of the product value for every sale.

No inventory, no stock, no handling complaints or returns.

Sounds good right?

It is.

There are many top affiliates earning 6 figures per month as a standard on the platform. But if you are just started out then this level of income from it is probably a while off.

This post will show you how to get started and a proven method that can get you earning some commissions and is also fully scalable up to $100 per day.

Before we start I should point out that you will need some capital to invest here as we are going to be using paid traffic. A minimum of $50 should hopefully see you good to start.

How Do You Earn Money With Clickbank?

So, the number one thing is traffic. You’ll need it. You may think you will need tons of it but you really don’t, what you need is TARGETED traffic. This is best achieved with paid traffic.

You have multiple platforms to choose from regarding paid traffic but what we are going to focus on here is Facebook traffic.

First of all you will need to choose your product to promote. Rather than going straight to Clickbank and browsing through the products head over to a site called

Once you are there have a look around and search through the various niches. Then select order by GRAVITY.


Here you can see I have sorted by gravity in descending order in the Cooking, Food & Wine niche.

Let’s take a look at the products we get from these results.

cbengine 2

Plenty to choose from here. Now it’s up to you to go in and select a product you wish to promote. As we have sorted by gravity we know all these products are selling. Gravity is a measure of the number of affiliates that are making sales from this product.

To put it simply a product with a high gravity score is selling well.

This of course does not mean you should reject all products with a low score, they may have not been marketed well or maybe even new releases.

That aside, we shall continue this tutorial with a product from this short list.

I have decided to choose the Paleohacks cookbook – number 2 on the list.

It pays a nice 75% commission and the average sale is around $14.

How Do I Promote Clickbank Products Using Targeted Traffic?

I mentioned before about targeted traffic, this is key. Facebook should be able to provide you with enough traffic to get you your first affiliate sales.

If you have never used the Facebook Ad manager then you will need to familiarise yourself with it. Do not start running ads until you have at least done the basic introduction course on Facebook’s site. If you don’t there is a strong chance you will blow a lot of your ad spend in one hit.

But, before we get started with ads you need to build a bridge site.

What is a bridge site I hear you ask?

This is the landing page that separates Facebook from the Clickbank product.

Why do I need to build a bridge site?

Unfortunately, some products on Clickbank are not allowed to be promoted on social media sites, this is fine but it’s just a policy of theirs. You have no choice but to abide by the rules. If you don’t you’ll face a suspension of your ad account from Facebook. Be warned.

How do I build a bridge site?

A good example of a bridge site is a landing page. This is page where you can try to capture the persons email address, so you can run offers and engage with them at a later date. Also, straight after they have given you their email address you can send them to the offer. In this case, the Paleohacks product.

There are many ways you can build a landing page.

You can use the following premium sites:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Instapage
  • Landerapp

Or, you can use most web builders or WordPress.

You will also need a ‘hook’ or a small ‘bribe’ in order to get the user to click through to the page. You can do this in many ways. Usually the best way is the offer up something of value, solving a problem.

So, in the Paleo niche I could offer up some free recipes in the form of a short eBook or report.

When they opt in to get the free recipes they will automatically be sent to the main Clickbank offer. And, as I also have their email address and they opted in to the list I am able to remarket to them at a later date.

Or if you don’t fancy putting together a short eBook or report then you could just use a YouTube video giving some tips on the subject matter.

For this search I changed the settings in the filter on YouTube to Creative Commons license, this means no attribution is needed and you can use the video how you wish. So, embedding it on another website is fine.

paleo diets on youtube

This video could simply be on the page after they opt in. The title would read something like “Free Video Gives Unbelievably Easy Tips On Paleo Food!”

And underneath the video would be the link to the Clickbank product. But as I have stated before, you can do some follow up emails as you have their address with some subtle promotions of the product again.

How Do I Get Targeted Traffic?

Now we have the product for the hook and a landing page done its time to get some traffic to send to it.

Facebook is a tremendous tool at getting traffic and this niche will have plenty of users interested.

From the ads manager you can see here I have selected that I will be wanting my ad spend to be on website traffic.

facebook ads for paleo diets

I have also given the ad a name, in this case it’s called Paleo Women US 18+

This is because I am going to target women who live in the US and are older than 18.

(Under 18’s don’t have credit cards and can’t buy stuff online!)

The next part is where we are going to choose the interests of the target audience. Facebook knows an incredible amount about its users. Every page people like, every comment they make, every group they are in, the sites they visit, you name it, it knows it.

From this data I have selected two interests that will appeal to my audience.

facebook ads for paleo diets 2

These two interests, The Paleo Secret and The Paleo Diet did have big audiences but when COMBINED together they create a very nice 23,000 users. This is a good size and narrowed down audience to try. Too many here and you’ll spend your ad spend no time as the audience size is too broad.

Think about the billboard on the side of the road. Millions of people may see it (briefly) but how many act on it? Very few. Because it is not targeted.

So, 23,000 is a good size for a first test of our ad to the product.

Next you will need an ad to show.

You can make these using many online or offline graphics programs.

Here are some I recommend you check out:

All of the above have free versions available.

I quickly made this using Canva.

facebook ad for paleo diet

As with all marketing strategies you have to test everything. This includes your ads. But as a first draft for the ad this is a good starting point.

It shows some healthy food, and there is a short headline showing what the video is about.

It also gives a little element of shock – meaning the users will learn something they perhaps did not know before. All for free.

And this is the final element of the process.  You have an Ad, some targeted traffic coming in, a landing page, a free ‘hook’ on the landing page (after email opt in) and then the Clickbank offer on the back end and also something you can follow up via email marketing.

That’s it!

Easy right?

No – far from it.

The reason being that this first attempt is unlikely to work first time. You may make a few sales, you may even get a few opt ins to your list.

But it’s also very likely that it will not set the world alight and you will be able to retire off this one ad.

The point I am making here is making money with Clickbank is hard, but the rewards are well worth it.

But you have to test, test, test and then when you are finishing testing, test some more.

You have to test everything, your ad, your title, the ‘hook’, the demographic of the audience, the interests – everything.

After you have worked out your best combination of all this then you are ready to scale it up.

This is when the rewards will come.

There are many affiliates using this core strategy and running very successful campaigns too.

You need patience, an advertising budget and a bit of creativity. Get the right mix of this and you will collecting Clickbank commissions in no time.

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