One of the easiest ways to make money online is writing.

A lot of people essentially write their own cheques with their writing, and what is most important here… they are not the best writers in the world either.

They don’t need to be.

YOU don’t need to be.

As long as you have a good understanding of basic Engish grammar and spelling you will be fine.

There is a way that you can make quite a bit of money with writing by writing one thing once – like an article – and selling it to a lot of people.

I am not referring to writing a long manual or novel. Yes you can make a fantastic living writing ebooks but what I am going to talk about is slightly different.

Instead of having your name over your writing you write PLR which stands for Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights means that whatever you sell, the copyright becomes owned by the purchaser. The person or persons who buy your writing from you, can use it however they wish and they can take credit for it. (In a roundabout way)

The writing you do can be bought by many people though. So you could spend maybe an hour or two one morning writing something which is bought by 20 people, maybe 50 people or even 100 people.

If the content you write is evergreen it can be sold for many years.

I remember talking to a guy who still sold copies of his Christmas articles bundle many years after he finished putting it together.

The only downside to writing PLR is that the price will be lower than other forms of writing.

For example, you could charge one client around ($)£150 – ($)£200 for one 1000 word article. People have charged more – some charge that for only a 500 word article.

Writing one off articles can be very profitable.

But you only get paid once per article.

With PLR, you would sell articles for mere pounds or dollars, maybe even pennies. PLR content is best when it is bundled together so a bundle of 50 articles could maybe be sold for ($)£20 – more or less – giving each article a worth of only ($)£0.40.

40 pence is not a lot for an article but, if you sold that bundle to 100 people over time then it has made you ($)£2000. You wrote those articles once.

Imagine if you sold that bundle 200 times or maybe 300 times.

It is quite possible that over a couple of years that you could sell bundles in those numbers.

And what do you do when you have created a bundle of Private Label Right content to sell?

You start to write another one.

As a writer you can write about all kinds of topics and niches. If there is a market out there then there are people willing to spend money on content. You only need to do a basic search on social media and in Google to find out what people are talking about, and if people are talking about stuff then there is a need for it.

Popular Topics People Will Buy PLR Content About

Losing weight.

  • Losing weight
  • Making money
  • Saving money
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mindset and psychology
  • Social media and blogging tips
  • Christmas
  • Food and cooking
  • Anything and everything

PLR content is big business.

Who Buys PLR Private Label Rights Content And Why?

Virtually anyone and everyone who is running an online business.

  • People who have websites.
  • People who have email lists.
  • People who do weekly podcasts.
  • People who run social media campaigns.
  • People who create videos.
  • People who create products to sell.

They are all looking for and need content.

They either have to research, compile and write it themselves or… have someone else do it. Having it specifically written for them is costly but, buying PLR is a lot more affordable.

It is an easy entry point for people who are starting out with online businesses and niche specific websites.

It allows them to fill their new websites and emails with good content at a fraction of the price it would cost to have new and unique content written. Plus it saves them a lot of time not having to write the content themselves.

For many, PLR content is a life saver. They buy it, modify it then use it.

Modifying PLR before it is used in my opinion is a smart move. It makes the content more unique but, that is not your problem as the writer. Your job is to write good quality well researched content and then sell it.
How And Where Do You Sell PLR?

There are many places where you can sell PLR from. Firstly you can have your own website where you sell your writing from. It is very easy to get a PayPal business account and create PayPal Buy Now buttons. Apart from the PayPal fees there are no other fees to pay out when your content is for sale on your own website.

However, you will need to drive people to your website, people who need PLR but do not know what you offer or how good it is. That can be hard.

There is another option, you can put your content on websites and platforms where there are already a lot of people looking for PLR content. Marketers and website owners often trawl websites like JVZoo and the Warrior Forum for content which would be ideal for their products or websites.

There are people who just research and write books and reports which they sell on websites like JVZoo.

The screenshot above shows 2 products by the same creator, this creator had 5 products on the first page and 2 on the second for search results for PLR on There are 24 pages of PLR products so this creator may have many more.

A bonus of JVZoo and WarriorForum is that if you offer a commission you can get a lot of people promoting your products for you. If you offered 50% commissions on a product valued at ($)£20 you would give ($)£10 to the promoter for each product he or she sold.

Instead of selling maybe 20 copies, other people selling your products for you in exchange for a commission could have you selling several hundred.

Get Paid Over And Over Again

Unlike writing one off unique articles for clients where you get paid once, PLR creators have products listed online for sale for many years.

Some products may get old or run out of date but a lot of old PLR products can be updated and spruced up then re-released as a new product.

Every new PLR product you produce and list online becomes another income stream. Multiple income streams is one of the best ways to make money. Not only do you sell one item multiple times but you sell multiple items multiple times.

Think of popular authors like JK Rowlin, Steven King and the late Roald Dahl. They all have many books which sell regularly and have done for many years and will still be selling for many more years to come.

Their writing may be different from PLR Private Label Rights content but it is the same principle, write once, sell over and over again for many years.

PLR content can be sold as bundles, as individual books or even supplied as part of a monthly subscription membership like our new website Digital Content Planet.


If writing is one of the things you enjoy doing or think you can do quite well then maybe you should consider writing PLR articles for extra money. There is very little investment required to get started but the rewards can be huge if done right.

Writing can be done at home on a laptop – maybe while relaxing on the sofa watching TV – in your favourite coffee shop, or even as you walk using your phone. I kid you not. Check out my Podcast here about how to write articles while walking: Episode 1. Walking, Talking And Writing Articles And Emails Using Google Docs Speech To Text App.

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