While searching online for ways to make some money fast you would have no doubt read about paid surveys and being paid to do simple tasks which take only minutes to complete.

These are some of the most popular and possibly easiest ways to make extra money from the comfort of your own home. They can be done easily while laid sprawled out on your sofa in your favourite pyjamas watching TV. 

Requiring very little other than you spending some time doing a few simple tasks.

In our opinion this is probably the easiest way to make money in regards to actual work exerted, but also it will earn you the least compared to all of the other side hustles and business ideas we have shared so far.

Welcome to SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a website which offers you the opportunity to earn swagbucks. Similar to how a seaside amusements works, swagbucks are in-house tokens which are later redeem for cash loaded gift cards. 

Gift cards offered on SwagBucks are by trusted and recognisable companies as you can see below.

To earn swagbucks, you simply do specific things which range from watching and rating a series of videos, purchasing items from top retail companies via a link, answering surveys to downloading apps and games which require you to play and until you reach a specific level within that game.

Get Started Here: SwagBucks Register

To see what is required to earn swagbucks from each task, hover over each box and a pop up will tell you all that you need to know.

In the screenshot above, you can see that they want you to install this game and play it. Once you have reached level 13 you will earn 1500 swagbucks. That is roughly £10 give or take a few swagbucks. 

Looking at the screenshot of the gift cards you can see that the 1500 will get you a £10 Cafe Nero card, an M&S gift card and a MasterCard One Click gift card with some swagbucks left over.

It is 100 short of a £10 PayPal cash deposit. You would need to earn a few more swagbucks before you can have £10 sent to your PayPal account and so you would need to go to your dashboard and find another task or two to complete.

Not all tasks pay as well as the Viking game example, some can be pretty low, but saying that, they require you to do nothing much.

To find tasks to do scroll through the list in the menu.

Above image shows the SwagBucks’ menu which is found on the side of the desktop website. It will be different on mobile. 

Get Paid To Watch Videos

One section of the website asks you to watch a series of short videos. You are asked to rate each video before moving onto the next. 

15-20 minutes of watching videos can earn you 2-3 swagbucks which is not a lot at all but, you can set your phone or laptop on your lap or on the sofa next to you and leave it to play while you watch TV. Every now and then stopping to check and rate the videos. 

I don’t really know how this works, I can only assume that the video owners earn a percentage from any advertising shown on the video, they then pay SwagBucks a smaller percentage who then pay you an even smaller amount.

The idea is to have the videos seen at scale, multiple thousand views will generate a lot of advertising revenue. 

Imagine YouTube pay you £1.00 for every time advertising is shown on your video, you then say to your friend that you will pay him £0.30 everytime he watches that video but not wanting to sit and constantly watch the video himself on loop he pays his children £0.10 every time they watch the video.

Now the video owner gets thousands of views making more money than if he just relied on normal video watching traffic which might only ever make a few pounds now and then.

Everyone in the downline makes money, some more than others but everyone makes money. 

There may not be a video owner in the equation, it could simply be SwagBucks paying you to watch multiple videos which they surround with advertising as seen in the screenshot below.

You are asked to watch and rate a specific amount of videos earning you a very small amount. During that time you will have been subjected to a lot of advertising earning SwagBucks money. 

This is in itself a very interesting business model. One to think about if you are stuck for an idea on how to make money but that is for another day.

To earn money from watching videos on Swagbucks you will need to allow pop-ups otherwise the system cannot work probably.

Get Paid To Use Retail Services

You can even earn swagbucks by using services like Just Eat or by buying items, services and even holidays from well known high street retailers like Tui, Curry’s, Very and even Compare The Market.

For every pound you spend with them you earn a set amount of swagbucks. In the screenshot above, buying products or services with the 3 popular companies highlighted with red boxes would earn you 2 swagbucks for every £1 you spend.

You will need to buy through links given by SwagBucks or follow a specific set of rules as set out by them.

Get Paid To Answer Questions And Surveys

A lot of people love to get paid to sit and answer questions. Swagbucks offers numerous surveys where they will pay you for taking part.

As you can see from the image above, surveys can take as little as 6 minutes with others taking no longer than 25 minutes. For some people this sounds ideal. You sit and answer a few questions while watching Eastenders and get paid for the privilege. 

Unfortunately you may not be eligible to answer all of the surveys though. When you click on a survey you might be met with a few pre-qualifying questions to ascertain whether you are right for the survey in question.

If you are eligible then great, you can answer questions and earn money. However, at an average of only 29 swagbucks per survey you will need to do quite a few before you have earned enough swagbucks to exchange for a gift card valuing just £5.

SwagBucks is ideal for someone who is looking to make some easy money, not a lot of money, but a spare £10 here and there. 

Please Note: You must realise that it will be very time consuming for what you earn.

It can take 10 minutes to earn 29 swagbucks answering questions, but you need at least 800 swagbucks to earn a £5 PayPal gift card. To earn 800 swagbucks answering questions would require you to answer 28 surveys, with an average survey taking 10 minutes you would need to spend 280 minutes answering questions. 

That is over 4 hours of your precious time spent earning just £5! 

Myself and John can earn far more than that by simply listing a few items on eBay purchased from charity shops.

It takes a lot less time and can earn far more than what you get back from websites like SwagBucks but everyone is different. You may prefer the idea of doing a few simple tasks online while watching your favourite soaps.

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Personally, we at SmarterCash recommend that you spend your time building up a proper side hustle as you will earn more. 

As another example, 29 swagbucks equates to roughly £0.18. As I sit and write this I have already generated £0.46 from a couple of websites which I do very little with…and it is only 8 AM.

And this is a bad month for these websites. 

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We know that not everyone wants to spend time eBaying or build a side hustle business (not sure why when the rewards are far greater) which is why we have included SwagBucks as a way to make money online from home.

It is simple, it is free to start and doesn’t require a lot of complicated effort. If it sounds right for you and you want to start earning money with SwagBucks register here: SwagBucks Register.

If you want to learn how to make money, save money and generally manage your money better as well as join a growing community of fellow Smashers with the opportunity to enter competitions and challenges with prizes then join the SmarterCash forum here: (Coming Soon)

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