The Levi Jean Hustle – Make £200 Per Month With This Simple Side Hustle


Out of all the items of clothing I have sold online there is one brand that stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

And that is Levi’s.

Good quality Levi’s jeans practically sell themselves.

You could literally make a very healthy side income stream just from selling these jeans.

The benefits of only selling one type of item is you could specialise in this marketplace. People would also return to buy more from you as they would know you as the Levi Jeans guy.

Seriously, try it. Next time you spot a good condition pair of Levi jeans for a good price buy them. List them at around £20 to £25 and they will sell.

levi jeans sales on ebay
Daily sales of Levi Jeans on eBay 27/3/19

Most charity shops I visit have them at around £4 so there is good profit to be made on these.

Develop a system

Like any side hustle the more efficient you are the more money you will make. Time is money as they say and its true.

Once you have listed a few pairs of jeans you will start to work out a better way or taking photos, a better way to upload your photos, a quicker way of writing descriptions, a quicker way of packaging them for shipping.

You should even invest in some cheap storage racking if you get to a good level in terms of your stock numbers.

Choose your postal days and stick with them. Having maybe 2 or 3 post days each week will stop you running trips to the post office each day. This can be a big time waster.

If you limit your trips to maybe twice per week you can plan ahead of time.

You could do Tuesday & Thursday afternoons and maybe Saturday mornings. Just an idea.

Again, this goes for all online reselling, not just jeans!

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How do I list jeans well?

It goes without saying now when I say take good pictures. This is no different. But with men’s jeans, you have to be descriptive of certain areas.

Be sure to include:

  • Waist Size
  • Inside Leg
  • Hems
  • Style (straight, regular, boot cut, ripped, etc etc)
  • Fly Type (button, zip)
  • Type of Levi’s (511, 501s etc etc – this is on the back label above the back pockets)

Also when taking your pictures make sure to include and branding marks.

Levi’s have several unique marks. The buttons will all have Levi’s on them, the patch label on the back will have branding including the type.

Its also worth noting that some Levi’s have an authentic statement mark inside one of the pockets.

Here is what it looks like:

Don’t worry if yours does not have that, they are not on all pairs.

If you are priced fair and your descriptions are good as are the pictures then as I have said before these jeans will sell themselves.

Use all 12 pictures, take pictures of the hems with a measuring guide next to them to show the width.

Some pairs have an authenticity mark on them like this. Be sure to point this out if they have one. Not all pairs do though.

Where can I find good Levis Jeans?

As always check your local charity shops and thrift stores first. You can always ask the manager if they will hold any back for you.

Once you have hit your local areas pop back in as and when you can.

Journey further afield. You could try car boot sales, jumble sales etc etc.. Try to set yourself a target of 10 listings to begin with. After doing these 10 you will be on your way and developing a good system into listing and then you can scale your business!!

I hope this little hustle has given you a few ideas. Please drop a comment in below if you have sold a pair before or are planning to do so now!

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